“When they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done.” Signed:  Helen Keller. Black and white photo of an adult Helen Keller smiling.

A photo banner shows Daniel Kish, President of World Access For The Blind, projected on a large screen as he rehearses for his session called “What Are We Thinking?”, which is depicted as a graphic on another large screen beside him. Both are suspended over a multi-colored, multi-panel light installation at TED2015 in Vancouver. The headline reads: Daniel Kish Wows at TED2015 Truth & Dare. Click here to go to our coverage.

PLEASE DONATE NOW! Support our life-changing programs. Click to make a one-time or monthly sustaining tax-deductible donation. Thank you! A color photo of Daniel and students crossing their canes in the air in an &8220;All For One&8221; salute.

-Activators of Change
-Champions of Freedom
-Blind Discoverers
-Challengers of Limits
-Modern Scientists

David Tseng, a completely-blind former student, navigates mountain biking through the use of FlashSonar. David has gone on to graduate from UC-Berkeley with degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and is now a software engineer at Google.

Our Mission

World Access for the Blind is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization that facilitates the self-directed achievement of people with all forms of blindness, and increases public awareness about the strengths and capabilities of blind people.

Video: Catch a Glimpse of What We Do

We have helped nearly 10,000 students in nearly 40 countries. We are a dedicated team who lead by example , as most of us are blind! Our unique, scientific method teaches blind people to see in new ways by activating the brain to gain images of the world through sound and touch - like lighting a match in the dark. We are known for our No Limits attitude, as we do not settle for the minimum requirements of functioning, but instead challenge ourselves and our students to reach beyond their limits. Our students understand that they can direct their own lives rich with quality, promise, and as much excitement and intrigue as they could wish for. By our approach, blind people can grow from being passive recipients, often marginalized and restricted, to active contributors free to achieve a quality of life of their own choosing. Through your generous support, we help more blind children and adults globally to improve their quality of life, to challenge poverty and social isolation, and to find freedom to realize their dreams.

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Picture 1: Daniel Kish, President of World Access for the Blind, leads a group of blind hikers. Recreational activities such as hiking are a valuable way for the blind to build confidence, improve their navigation skills, and fully participate in society. (Photo by: Volker Correll) Picture 2: Our instructor Brian Bushway works with 12-year-old student Jake Olson to help him navigate his neighborhood and to adjust to recently losing his vision. Jake is a strong and inspiring young man who was featured on ESPN

Featured Activities

Seeing Through Sound

Vital Signs - June 18, 2014
Sanjay Gupta

Coverage of one of our Perceptual Mobility Coaches, Brian Bushway, and Daniel Kish conducting a family workshop with Juan Ruiz in Nuernberg, Germany.

Activating Creativity: Lessons learned from the blind who have learned to see

Proctor And Gamble World Design Conference - October, 2013
Daniel Kish, Keynote

The Human Eclipse - J Louchart - Exerpts

The Weather Channel
Freaks of Nature - January, 2014
Off the Fence Productions

J Louchart, one of our Perceptual Navigation Coaches in training, is show-cased explaining how FlashSonar provides visual images to a totally blind person, and demonstrates by using his own FlashSonar to navigate a mile long obstacle course through the snow covered forests of Colorado. View the full length documentary (S01E09) here.

The Blind Man Who Taught Himself to See

Men's Journal - March, 2011
By Michael Finkel

About Daniel Kish and his work through World Access for the Blind to help blind people to find sound vision. Listed among the Best of Men's Journal and voted 6th of the 20 best reads of 2011 by Reader's Digest. "Daniel Kish has been sightless since he was a year old. Yet he can mountain bike. And navigate the wilderness alone. And recognize a building as far away as 1,000 feet. How? The same way bats can see in the dark."

The New Age of Exploration: Modern Risk Takers

National Geographic Magazine - July, 2013

Daniel Kish is among a handful of modern explorers showcased to comemborate 125 years of National Geographic. This article and video is about Daniel's work through World Access for the Blind. "The 21st-Century explorer can make good use of the latest technology; can communicate from almost anywhere on Earth, even atop Mount Everest; ... explorers of today are in many ways just like their foremothers and forefathers. They put their physical selves in jeopardy, ... If their mission is not popular in scientific circles, they may face the criticism of colleagues. And sometimes they must dig deep into their own pockets just to keep on going. ... explorers who press the limits."

Daniel Kish Voted Talk of the Day at PopTech

October, 2011

Daniel Kish was fortunate enough to be voted Talk of the Day for PopTech, 2011. A special video clip was produced about our work, and a story was filmed and written for CNN, which was subsequently aired on Sanjay Gupta's show.

Guinness World Records: Juan Ruiz

TV Italy - April, 2011

By invitation of Guinness Italy, Juan, who is totally blind, sets the world record for blind bicycling through a random obstacle course using only FlashSonar. This is a clip of the original segment as it aired in Italy in which he gave an inspiring speech that made the audience cry. Juan has since broken his own record, also by invitation of Guinness Turkey. This video is not yet available.

John Pak on FlashSonar

TEDxCambridge - November, 2011

"John Pak is a Program Specialist at the Organizational Capability Office, within the Office of Human Capital Management at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. In this talk he helps us understand how to navigate a sighted world without sight." Gives a perspective on Daniel training his "super hero power" when he was an 11 year old boy.

Brain Awareness Week 2014

Prof. Mel Goodale (Brain and Mind Institute) and Brian Bushway (World Access for the Blind)
Keynote Speakers
The Center for Integrative Neuroscience: University of Nevada, Reno

"Brain Awareness Week is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. The Integrative Neuroscience Center of Biomedical Research Excellence and the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience presented a host of student oriented activities at UNR to celebrate and explore the wonders of the brain."

Daniel Kish, Walden University Academic Residency

Atlanta - April 25, 2014

"Daniel Kish, founder and president of World Access for the Blind, will speak to more than 700 doctoral students at Walden University's academic residency on April 26 at the Sheraton Atlanta."

"Daniel Kish, founder and president of World Access for the Blind, spoke at Walden University's Atlanta residency this afternoon and earned a standing ovation from attendees."
Walden University Academic Residencies FaceBook

Bat Navigation Inspires Charity's Method to Aid the Blind

Chronical of Philanthropy - October 2, 2011
By Caroline Bermudez

"World Access for the Blind uses unconventional methods to help people walk, bike, hike, and play without relying on anyone else."